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Why can’t I submit a bug report to the “Bug fixes” board?

Shardool Gore (PM | Zimbra)
August 29, 2023

The "Bug fixes" board on is designed to provide an overview of the bugs that are in various stages of our development process, such as "Accepted," "In Progress," and "Released." It is not a platform for directly submitting bug reports. Our bug reporting process remains unchanged. Bugs are routed via the Zimbra Support team and communicated through the bug portal. Here's why:


  1. Structured Process: Bug reports often require detailed information to understand the nature of the problem and customer environment. By routing bug reports through the Zimbra Support team, we ensure that all necessary details are collected in a structured way. This enables our developers to accurately diagnose and address the issue.

  2. Security Considerations: Some bugs may have security implications. Handling them through the Zimbra Support team ensures that they are managed with the appropriate level of confidentiality and urgency.

  3. Prioritization: Not all bugs are addressed immediately. They must be prioritized based on factors such as severity, impact on users, and alignment with our development goals. By channeling bug reports through a dedicated process, we can evaluate and prioritize them effectively.

In summary, while the "Bug fixes" board provides visibility into the status of bugs,

  • the submission of bug reports is handled through the Zimbra Support team and

  • all the communication about the bug is handled through the bug portal.

This approach ensures that bug reports are dealt with in a structured manner, aligning with our development processes. If you encounter a bug, please contact the Zimbra Support team, who will guide you through the reporting process.