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Why can’t I find my bug on

Shardool Gore (PM | Zimbra)
August 29, 2023

Bugs submitted through the Zimbra Support team are handled through the bug portal rather than If you are unable to find your bug on the roadmap, it may still be in review or it may not have been prioritized for immediate development. While this portal includes information about accepted, in-progress, and released bugs/features, it may not display specific bug details for all reported bugs. If you can't find your reported bug on, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Bug Status: The status of a bug plays a crucial role in its visibility on Once a bug has been classified and acknowledged, it enters the pool for consideration in upcoming development sprints. Depending on its overall impact, reach, and prioritization through the RICE process, it may or may not make it into an active sprint.

    • Only when a bug is picked up by the development team in an active sprint, it will start reflecting on The bug status of such a bug will also change on the bug portal when it is in progress.

    • For example, if the bug is of S3 severity, it must pass through the RICE prioritization process. If you do not see your bug on, it means the bug has not reached the top of the queue yet, due to comparatively lower reach or impact.

  • Sensitive information: Some bugs might be related to specific customer agreements or contain sensitive information, and therefore may not be displayed to the broader community even if they are in progress.

  • Security Considerations: Some bugs may be related to security vulnerabilities. In such cases, the details of the bug might be restricted to internal access to ensure that such active vulnerabilities are not exploited.

For detailed information on the prioritization or development process, you can visit the knowledge base on If you still have questions about the status of a specific bug, utilizing the dedicated bug portal is the best approach.