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How can I track the progress of a feature or bug fix request?

Shardool Gore (PM | Zimbra)
August 29, 2023

You can track the progress of a feature or bug fix request through various channels provided by Zimbra: 

  • Bug Portal: If you have reported a bug through Zimbra's Support team, you can track its progress via the dedicated bug portal. You'll be able to see the status, the comments, and communicate directly with the Zimbra product team if you have specific queries or need additional information. 

  • Portal: Zimbra's development roadmap, available at, provides visibility into the status of bug fixes once they move into the "In Progress" and "Released" states. Feature requests raised on the portal can be tracked from start to end that is, from “In Review” state to “Released” state. By visiting the roadmap, you can see which items are actively being worked on and monitor their progression through the development cycle. 

  • Email Notifications: You may subscribe to features on the portal to receive email updates whenever the feature moves to the next stage.  

By leveraging these channels, customers can actively monitor the development process, stay informed about the progress of features and bug fixes, and engage directly with the Zimbra team as needed. Whether you're tracking a critical bug fix or eagerly awaiting a new feature, Zimbra provides multiple ways to stay connected and informed.