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Can customers provide feedback during feature development?

Shardool Gore (PM | Zimbra)
August 31, 2023

Yes, customers can actively engage in providing feedback and contribute to the development process through several channels:


  1. The Portal: By engaging in discussions, upvoting features, and commenting on existing requests on the portal, customers have the opportunity to influence the development process. They can voice their opinions, express support for certain features, and provide valuable insights that may guide the development direction.

  2. Using the Bug Portal: If the feedback is specific to a bug, then sharing comments and interacting using the bug portal is the best method. Customers can ask for status updates on their bug or even provide additional information to help the product team understand the issue better. The communication via the bug portal ensures that customers are heard and can directly engage with the Zimbra product team.

  3. Using Our teams regularly go through the Zimbra forums, which act as a major source of feedback for us. Engaging with the lively community of Zimbra followers on the forums provides another platform for customers to share their thoughts, ask questions, and get involved with other users who have similar interests or concerns.

  4. Participating with the Zeta Alliance: Customers can also join the Zeta Alliance to share their feedback and collaborate with other Zimbra enthusiasts. The Zeta Alliance is a community of users, partners, and contributors building and maintaining best-of-breed open-source collaboration software. Visit Zeta Alliance for more information.

Through these channels, Zimbra maintains an open and transparent relationship with its customers, ensuring that their voices are heard, and their feedback is considered in shaping the future of the product. Whether it's through formal channels like the and the bug portal, community-driven platforms like the forums, or collaboration through the Zeta Alliance, customers have multiple avenues to provide input and help shape the Zimbra experience.